UFC 144 results

ufc 144: Edgar vs Henderson - fight recap


Event: UFC 144: Edgar vs Henderson

Date: February 26, 2012

Location: Saitama, Japan

Venue: Saitama Super Arena

Broadcast: Pay-per-view


UFC 144: Edgar vs Henderson Live Odds

UFC 144: Edgar vs. Henderson was a mixed martial arts event held by the Ultimate Fighting Championship on February 26, 2012 at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan.

On Saturday night, the lightweight title was on the line between Frankie "The Answer" Edgar, and the former WEC lightweight champion, Benson "Smooth" Henderson.

In a back and forth fight that saw both fighters control the action at separate points, Henderson came out on top with the unanimous decision victory.

Frankie Edgar vs Ben Henderson:

Referee Marc Goddard in charge of the evening's main event with the lightweight title on the line. Edgar moves forward quickly, and Henderson paws his jab. Henderson kicks the leg, and Edgar snags it. Henderson launches a kick with the other leg that misses. Hell of a near-highlight though. Henderson returns with the kicks, and Edgar trips him to the floor but doesn't follow. Henderson continues to kick the leg. Edgar timing it, but Henderson has pulled away each time this far.

Henderson yells to the crowd to start the final round. Edgar's eye a mess, but he comes forward. Henderson jabs and avoids the counter. He's definitely the fresher fighter. Edgar catches yet another kick to the body. Can't capitalize. Straight left from Henderson scores. Edgar ducks n a single leg and misses, but he lands an uppercut on the break. Henderson lands a nice left, and they move into the clinch. Edgar scrambles to the back, but Henderson pulls away. Two minutes in.

Henderson controlling the center as Edgar dances on the outside. Henderson scoring the heavier shots, but Edgar moving in and out very well. Edgar briefly hits the deck on a slip but pops right back up. Right hand scores for Edgar in a flurry, and Henderson hits the floor. He looks frustrated, but he scrambles free when Edgar tries to pounce. Final minute in a back-and-forth contest. Henderson high kick blocked. He follows to the body.

Edgar drives in for another takedown but misses it. His nose is bleeding. Henderson lands a bog knee and a takedown in the final seconds, moving to mount before the bell sounds. Fight ends there.

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UFC 144 MAIN CARD Results:

Henderson defeated Edgar via unanimous decisionUFC-144-Betting-Results

Bader defeated Jackson via unanimous decision

Hunt defeated Kongo via TKO

Shields defeated Akiyama via unanimous decision

Boetsch defeated Okami via TKO

Hioki defeated Palazewski via unanimous decision

Pettis defeated Lauzon via KO


Gomi defeated Mitsuoka via TKO

Lee defeated Yamamoto via submission

Fukuda defeated Cantwell via unanimous decision

Cariaso defeated Mizugaki via unanimous decision

Tamura defeated Zhang via KO

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