UFC 123 results

UFC 123: Jackson vs Machida - fight recap

Event: UFC 123: Jackson vs MachidaUFC-123-Betting-Lines

Date: November 20, 2010

Location: Auburn Hills, Michigan

Venue: The Palace of Auburn Hills

Broadcast: Pay-per-view

UFC 123: Jackson vs Machida Odds

UFC 123: Rampage vs. Machida was a mixed martial arts event held by the Ultimate Fighting Championship on November 20, 2010 at The Palace of Auburn Hills in the Detroit suburb of Auburn Hills, Michigan.

It was the first UFC event in the Metro Detroit area since UFC 9.

Before the start of the card, Jose Aldo was awarded the UFC Featherweight title by Dana White.

quinton Jackson vs lyoto Machida:

Round 3: Jackson coming with some leg kicks of his own now, but his follow-up punches are out of range. Machida stuns Jackson with a combo, sending “Rampage” backward into the fence. Machida chases him down and scores with a few knees from the Thai plum, but Jackson fires right back with a flurry.

Machida trips Jackson to the mat and lands in half-guard, where he tries to pry his right leg free and pass to Jackson’s right side. He stops trying to pass for a moment to work for a kimura on Jackson’s right arm. Machida finally passes with about 90 seconds left, and then hops into full mount. Machida lays an elbow across Jackson’s face, then postures up and spins for an armbar on Jackson’s right limb.

Jackson picks him up for the slam and Machida releases the hold with 40 seconds left. Back on the feet, Machida gets underhooks and presses Jackson into the fence, then gets a waistlock and tries to drag him down. Machida drops for a leglock and pulls guard in the waning seconds.

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UFC 123 Main Card results:

Jackson defeated Machida via split decisionUFC-123-Betting-Odds

Penn defeated Hughes via KO

Falcão defeated Harris via unanimous decision

Davis defeated Boetsch via submission

Sotiropoulos defeated Lauzon via submission

UFC 123 Preliminary Card results:

Foster defeated Brown via submission

Muñoz defeated Simpson via unanimous decision

Hallman defeated Parisyan via TKO

Barboza defeated Lullo via TKO

Kelly defeated O'Brien via TKO

Lentz defeated Griffin via split decision

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