Bellator 77 results

Bellator 77: Clementi vs Sarnavskiy - fight recap


Event: Bellator 77: Clementi vs Sarnavskiy

Date: October 19, 2012

Location: Reading, Pennsylvania

Venue: Reading Eagle Theater

Broadcast: MTV2


Bellator 77 Live Odds

Bellator 77 took place on October 19, 2012 at the Reading Eagle Theater in the Sovereign Center in Reading, Pennsylvania. The event was distributed live in prime time by MTV2.

Bellator 77 hosted the opening round in the Bellator Season Seven Lightweight Tournament.

Salty veteran Rich Clementi proved he's still got plenty of fight left in him and utilized superior grappling to earn a split decision over the heavily hyped Russian.

Clementi joined Dave Jansen, Marcin Held and Ricardo Tirloni in the semifinals of Bellator's season 7 lightweight tournament, which kicked off on the main card of Friday's Bellator 77 event at Reading Eagle Theater in the Sovereign Center in Reading, Pa.

Rich Clementi vs Alexander Sarnavskiy:

Round 3: Sarnavskiy opens with hard, rangy punches. He backs Clementi up with a one-two and an awkward right drops Clementi to the mat. The veteran quickly rolls to Sarnavskiy's legs in pursuit of a leglock. Clementi looks for a kneebar, then switches to a toehold, but Sarnavskiy limplegs out and gets into Clementi's guard.

Clementi looks for a kimura from the bottom but Sarnavskiy bases down and gets to half guard. Sarnavskiy lands some idle busywork to the head and body while Clementi shifts from side to side in pursuit of a submission. Referee Mario Yamasaki stands them up again with just under two minutes to go. Clementi shoots in quickly, pulls guard, then tries to sweep Sarnavskiy. The Russian instead stands ground and pounds in Clementi's guard before allowing him to stand again.

Clementi is hit with a spinning back fist, then essentially buttscoots, looking to suck his foe to the mat. With a minute to fight, Sarnavskiy likely needs a knockout to win. The Russian attacks with another spinning back fist, prompting another Clementi flop. The Russian comes to the ground, only to be quickly swept. Clementi rolls through to top position, but Sarnavskiy locks up a loose triangle before the final bell.

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