Bellator 57 Results

Bellator 57: Lima vs Saunders - fight recap


Event: Bellator 57: Lima vs Saunders

Date: November 12, 2011

Location: Rama, Ontario

Venue: Casino Rama

Broadcast: MTV2 and


Bellator 57 Live Odds

At Saturday's Bellator 57 event, both fighters won their respective season-five eight-man tournaments, and both have now earned guaranteed title shots with their division's champions.

The main event of the evening was a welterweight showdown between former MFC welterweight champion Douglas Lima, who vacated his title to sign with Bellator and UFC castout Ben Saunders, who'd been a destructive force ever since receivinghis walking papers from the promotion. Someone's momentum would have to be halted.

Douglas Lima vs Ben Saunders:

Both fighters size one another up with punches, but Saunders clinches 45 seconds in, and then turns the Brazilian onto the cage. Hard pummeling inside. Without much offense, the pair are separated, but Saunders clinches again quickly, and starts kneeing Lima's left thigh diligently.

Referee Yves Lavigne separates them once more, and they resume at range. The first real hard strike is an inside leg kick and a right cross from Lima. The Brazilian puts Saunders on the fence afterward.

Lavigne breaks them again, however, with a minute to go. Lima catches a kick from the UFC vet, and slams him to the mat, but he doesn't control his foe well enough and Saunders rolls into full mount with a body triangle around his waist. The Brazilian is trapped with 30 seconds to go, and he must cover up to avoid Saunders' elbows until the horn.

Alexander Shlemenko vs Vitor Vianna:

Shlemenko takes the center of the cage early, backing up Vianna with feints before rushing forward with the fight's first flurry. Vianna responds with a counter right hand and a knee to the body before they disengage.

The Russian rushes in again, landing a pair of punches through the Brazilian's guard, but going to that well for a third time sees Vianna drop Shelemenko momentarily with a counter right. Shlemenko now easing into his usual M.O., spinning at Vianna with alternating back fist and back kick attempts that mostly miss the mark.

For his part, Vianna is keeping too much distance to counter effectively, except for the few moments that the Russian moves into clinch range, where Vianna repeatedly looks for the Thai plum and lands knees before Shlemenko diesengages. Shlemenko rushes in one final time, landing a single right hand through his combination as the round comes to a close.

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Lima def Saunders via KOUFC-Bellator-57-Gambling-Results

Shlemenko def Vianna via unanimous decision

Hollett def Hawk via split decision

Bezerra def Evans via submission


Van Buren def Levesque via submission

Jansen def Morvari via submission

Puric def Mady via TKO

Shockley def Moon via submission

Solomon def Sledzion via KO

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