Bellator 49 Results

Bellator 49: Weedman vs Lozano - fight recap


Event: Bellator 49: Weedman vs Lozano

Date: Saturday, November 26

Location: Atlantic City, NJ

Venue: Caesars Atlantic City

Broadcast: MTV2 and


Bellator 49 Live Odds

Bellator 49 was a mixed martial arts event held by Bellator Fighting Championships. The event took place on September 10, 2011 at Caesars Atlantic City in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Headliners Brent Weedman and Chris Lozano absolutely earned their billing, coming out swinging from the first second. Weedman dropped Lozano inside the first 10 seconds and both men traded slams and hip tosses in a very exciting first round.

In the second, both men kept it standing and Weedman pressed forward but absolutely got lit up. Lozano landed knees, uppercuts, hooks and anything else he could think of but he could not put his durable opponent down.

In the third, both men traded takedowns in a round spent primarily on the ground. Lozano remained on top longer and repeatedly kept Weedman beneath him despite the Louisville native's best efforts.

Chris Lozano vs Brent Weedman:

Lozano comes out swinging and Weedman drops him with a right hand! Weedman drives forward with a full body lock and slams him to the ground.

Weedman takes Lozano's back standing with a body lock and Lozano turns the tides, pushing him into the fence. Lozano throws Weedman to the canvas with a sick hip toss.

Terrific start to this fight! Weedman escapes to his feet. They reset and Weedman locks Lozano up and just ragdoll tosses him to the canvas. Weedman puts a hook in and he's got an arm trapped and Lozano tries to wall-walk to safety.

Weedman puts in a body triangle and Lozano falls down. Weedman tries to flatten Lozano out and sink in the rear naked choke. Lozano survives to the end of the round. 10-9 Weedman

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Bellator 49 Main Card results:UFC-Bellator-49-Gambling-Results

Lozano def Weedman via unanimous decision

Saunders def Cisneros via TKO

Santos def Hornbuckle via unanimous decision

Lima def Carl via unanimous decision

Bellator 49 Preliminary Card results:

Bezerra def Heckman via TKO

Karavackas def Maynard via TKO

Roberts def Van Artsdalen via technical submission

Caslow def Jones via TKO

Anyanwu def Dudley via TKO

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