Bellator 103 results

Bellator 103: Freire vs Guerreiro - fight recap


Event: Bellator 103: Freire vs Guerreiro

Date: October 11, 2013

Location: Mulvane, Kansas

Venue: Kansas Star Arena

Broadcast: MTV2 and Spike TV


Bellator 103 Live Odds

Bellator 103 took place on October 11, 2013 at Kansas Star Arena in Mulvane, Kansas. The event aired live in prime time on Spike TV. Bellator 103 featured the Featherweight Tournament Semifinal bouts.

Patricio Freire fought Fabricio Guerreiro at Bellator 103 and completely dominated him en route to a Unanimous decision. Pitbull will fight Justin Wilcox in the final of the Featherweight Tournament. ‘Pitbull’, known for his impressive knockouts, somewhat surprisingly out-grappled Guerreiro for the entirety of the fight.

Guerreiro tied things up early and wanted to get the fight to the ground with a judo throw, but it was Freire who reversed things nicely to wind up on top against the fence. From Guerreiro's half-guard, Freire wasn't able to fully commit to a kimura.

"Pitbull" managed to jump to full mount, but Guerreiro nicely got back to his feet out of immediate danger before Freire drove him back to the ground. Freire did decent work offensively with Guerreiro on his back, but the taller Brazilian survived to see the second round.

Patricio Freire vs Fabricio Guerreiro:

Round 3: The rangy Guerreiro throws more kicks, forcing Freire to defense. He closed in and lands and outside trip but Freire once more sweeps Guerreiro as they hit the mat, using a whizzer to roll through and take top position for himself. Freire winds up on top in half guard, where he drives his left knee on the open side into Guerreiro's body. Guerreiro shrimps away and stands.

Unfortunately, his first attack is another spinning back fist, so Pitbull simply ducks under and gets another rear waistlock. Pitbull knees Guerreiro in the head as he turns around to face him, then ducks under, picks Guerreiro up and slams him right back down to the mat. Freire just controls Guerreiro's upper body, methodically passing to side control. However, when he gets there, his opponent shrimps away and slides up the cage with 45 seconds to go. Guerreiro, sensing he's behind, attacks Freire with wide-swinging hooks.

Freire simply circles away, picking off Guerreiro as he charges forward. The bell rings and there should be no question as to who Justin Wilcox will meet in the Bellator Season 9 featherweight tournament final.

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Patricio Freire def Fabricio Guerreiro by unanimous decisionBellator-103-Betting-Results

Justin Wilcox def Joe Taimanglo by unanimous decision

David Rickels def J.J. Ambrose by TKO

Mikhail Zayats def Aaron Rosa by submission


Carlos Eduardo def Wayman Carter by submission

Remy Bussieres def Blake Pool by unanimous decision

Maurice Jackson def Matt Uhde by TKO

Donnie Bell def Marcio Navarro by submission

Jeimeson Saudino def Jesse Thornton by split decision

Ricky Musgrave def Cody Carrillo by submission

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