Strikeforce Challengers 19 Results

Strikeforce Challengers 19: Larkin vs Rossborough - fight recap


Event: Strikeforce Challengers 19: Larkin vs Rossborough

Date: September 23, 2011

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Venue: Palms Casino Resort

Broadcast: Pay Per View

Strikeforce: Challengers 19 Live Odds

Strikeforce Challengers: Larkin vs. Rossborough was a mixed martial arts event held by Strikeforce. The nineteenth Challengers episode took place on September 23, 2011 at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The event is headlined by a bout between one of the most exciting prospects on the Strikeforce roster, Lorenz Larkin, and Nick Rossborough. Rossborough is a late replacement for Virgil Zwicker who had to pull out due to injury.

Co-headlining the card is Lavar Johnson vs. Shawn Jordan. Ryan Couture, son of Randy Couture, looks to rebound from a loss in his last bout as he takes on Maka Watson.

Larkin vs Rossborough:

Steve Mazzagatti will oversee this light heavyweight main event. The men touch gloves to start. Rossborough takes an outside leg kick and charges forward. Larkin slips out and circles away, launching a leaping round kick that is blocked.

Rossborough is smothering him and working his way inside while landing short punches. Rossborough now has the clinch against the cage. Larkin connects with a hard knee to the thigh, but Rossborough lands several of his own.

Larkin reverses the position and now has his taller foe against the fence. Larkin is still attacking the legs while Rossborough works the dirty boxing in the single collar tie. They separate, and Larkin lands a leg kick. Larkin blocks several shots with his back against the cage and lands a clean uppercut of his own. Heel strikes to the calf from Rossborough.

Rossborough tries for a takedown, but Larkin is relentless with those heel strikes. The pair trade uppercuts in the clinch and separate. Rossborough lands a push kick as the round expires.

Jordan vs Johnson:

Kim Winslow starts the heavyweight attraction. Jordan fakes a shot, and Jonson reacts. Jordan lands an awkward short left, and it looks like Johnson's eye is hurt. Jordan hits a hip toss and lands in side control.

Jordan appears to be looking for a crucifix submission, but he gives it up and settles into straight side control. Kim Winslow calls for time, and the doctor will now look at Johnson's right eye, under which there is a nasty mouse. Winslow restarts the bout on the feet on the grounds of inactivity.

Good news for Johnson, and he lands a nice combination. Johnson now pins Jordan against the cage, but Jordan retorts with a hard right hand. Johnson lands a nice inside leg kick. Jordan is dancing on the outside, looking for a takedown. Johnson pins him against the cage, but Jordan counters with a nice high-crotch. Jordan transitions to mount and lands chopping elbows to end the frame. 10-9 Jordan.

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Challengers 19 MAIN CARD results:Strikeforce-Larkin-vs-Rossborough-Wagering-Odds

Larkin def Rossborough via unanimous decision

Jordan def Johnson via submission

Couture def Watson via majority decision

High def Moore via unanimous decision

Melancon def Portela via unanimous decision

Challengers 19 preliminary CARD results:

Terry def Almeida via KO

Green def Spain via submission

SpÄng def Ray via unanimous decision

Mulhern def Davis via submission

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